Cold-formed thin-walled steel system case

Cold-formed thin-walled steel system case

The packing box is a modular building product based on a steel frame and a lightweight wallboard structure. The product consists of a top frame, a bottom frame, a corner post and 14 interchangeable wall panels that can be packaged for land or sea transport. The main structure includes a top frame, a bottom frame, four corner posts, 14 interchangeable wall panels, doors and windows, and circuit systems.

Compared with the traditional color steel plate room, it has good structural stability; flexible combination; maximum use of space; prefabricated production, convenient transportation; on-site water and electricity can be used.

Due to the flat-panel packaging, the economic radius of the product is relatively large. In recent years, led by the Zhongzitou enterprise, it has led a wave of transformation and upgrading of temporary housing projects. A large number of new construction project department temporary offices, dormitory, etc. Kind of product.

In the following case, based on the standardized frame structure of the packing box, the wall is replaced by a cold-formed thin-walled steel system to obtain a richer inner and outer facade effect.

Through the introduction of the standardized framework structure, the non-propositional essay of architectural design was changed to semi-proposition composition, which facilitated the standardization of the structure. In a sense, the standardization of structural units combined with dry-assembled decoration should be the largest form of assembly-style construction in commercial space...




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