How to choose thin-walled light steel equipment?

How to choose thin-walled light steel equipment?

A good quality cold-formed thin-walled light steel processing equipment should have the following characteristics:

1. The device should be able to identify the design software data and seamlessly interface: automatically read the data output by the design software.

2. The equipment processing rod components meet the industry standard reference JGJ 227-2011, GB50018, JGJ/T 421-2018, and the function meets the light steel building connection node.

3. The processing precision of the equipment is high. It is necessary to customize the special PLC according to the function of light steel equipment, which is accurate in calculation and fast in response. In the online production of the post-shearing equipment, the secondary error of the hole displacement caused by the stretching and extrusion of the raw material during the pressing process can be avoided.

Regarding the equipment control system, the control technology using PLC+ motion controller has lagged behind. The top equipment in the industry adopts a new generation of PC-based fieldbus control system, which wins in terms of stability, accuracy, response speed and ease of maintenance. PLC control platform. New Zealand's FRAMECAD equipment has been upgraded to this high-performance control system.

4. The equipment has high yield and less waste: the length detecting mechanism of the punching and shearing equipment is close to the punching and shearing die, so the starting material waste can be controlled at 0.02m-0.05m, and the tail material waste is no more than 1m.

5. Before the punching and shearing equipment, the length detecting mechanism is far away from the shearing die, so the starting material waste is more than 2m, and the length of the finishing waste is greater than the length of the equipment, generally exceeding 5m.

Experts who have experience in on-site assembly of light steel houses will, in addition to the number of design requirements, produce a few extra long pieces and cut them to the appropriate length at the construction site for temporary support and connection. The tail of the material produced by the “pre-shooting and shearing” equipment is just for this purpose. No waste.

6. The processing efficiency of the equipment is high, and the comprehensive processing speed is generally not less than 4 tons/day (8 hours) ≈160m2/day. The wall processing speed is not less than 600m/h. The high-speed cold-formed thin-walled light steel processing equipment has a comprehensive processing capacity of 6-10 tons/day (8 hours).

7. The equipment needs to be equipped with a coding device: it can be automatically coded instead of manual handwritten number.

8. The surface of the material should be scratched as much as possible during the processing of the equipment. The high-speed equipment should be equipped with a roll and raw material cooling lubrication system. Before the press forming, spray or roll the cooling protective liquid on the surface of the raw material to reduce the scratch of the pressing process. . The side tapered roller lining bearing has better effect as a driven roller and the production is stable.

As for the rolling lubrication and cooling protection liquid, it is not necessary to use it as much as possible. The surface of the material has oil, and the code of the printer is labeled and wiped off.

9. The continuous punching plate hole does not extrude, and the failure rate is low: after the raw material is cut off in the on-line production of the pre-shocking equipment, the strength is greatly reduced, and the rolling force is large in the pressing shape. And resistance is very easy to cause extrusion, especially in the case of continuous cutting of the web and crimping. This phenomenon can be completely avoided by cutting the web and crimping the back punching device.

10. The increase of the ribs on the web will increase the load capacity of the keel by about 28%. The market also has the equipment of webs and ribs. However, when the water and electricity tube holes are cut, the ribs are cut off and the ribs lose their reinforcement. And cause stress concentration.

11. The vertical keel is supported to the bottom of the keel of the heaven and earth. The weight of the house is directly carried by the vertical keel, and the house is safer. The normal connection of the vertical keel is not supported at the bottom of the keel of the heaven and earth. The weight of the house depends on the friction of the nail socket, the tensile force of the connecting screw and the shearing force.

Light guagesteel frame building system, relatively traditional beam-column structure, which is characterized by the vertical bearing of the whole building (such as static load and dynamic load in the house), transverse shear Forces (such as crosswinds, earthquakes) and other external forces are connected through the frame, and they are decomposed into each member of the frame and even on the skin, so that each unit participates in the force. To make an inaccurate analogy: under the premise of the same amount of steel, the LGS structure is 2 tall (horizontal keel), 3 dwarfs (brace), 1 girl (skin), together with heavy objects, can pick up 1000 KGS; The traditional beam-column structure has only two tall ones (vertical keel, horizontal keel) and heavy objects. The other four people can't force them, and they can only hold 700KGS.

In the force system of the frame structure, if the vertical keel is directly supported to the bottom of the transverse keel web, the load of the building is directly transmitted to the vertical keel through the transverse keel, which becomes the force of the beam-column structure, which is equal to the size of the C89. The vertical keel is used as a "pillar", a row of thin columns. This is not a cold-formed thin-walled light steel frame structure.

The dimple hole screw connection is a great invention in the light steel frame structure. It is through the close friction between the concave and convex surfaces of the stud hole that the various forces of the house can be decomposed into different rod directions. The overall load is shared by all the elements in the frame. This is why the connection of the horizontal and vertical keels has a gap in the design of FRAMECAD.

The vertical keel cannot be pushed to the bottom of the web of the horizontal keel, which is common knowledge of the light steel frame structure.

12. High-temperature areas can be produced for a long time. Cold-formed thin-walled light steel processing equipment is 70-80% time in punching and shearing. The hydraulic system is long-time high-pressure and high-frequency working hydraulic oil temperature is easy to over temperature. High, so must be equipped with refrigeration system or water cooling system, some equipment is equipped with air cooling system, if the ambient temperature is higher than 40 degrees, it can not meet the cooling requirements of the hydraulic system. The production and processing are stable and the failure rate is low, so that the user can guarantee the completion of the processing order on time and in volume.

To ensure long-term stability during work and normal oil temperature, technical attention should be paid to:

1) The hydraulic station tank should be large enough.

2) The hydraulic valves, cylinders, accumulators and other components used in the hydraulic system are preferably international famous brands, such as German Rexroth, American Parker, etc.

3) Under the premise of meeting the requirements of the punching work, the lower the pressure when the hydraulic system works, the better. This is a good understanding, "Hypertension is dying quickly."

4) High-end equipment will generally use international famous brand piston pumps, while the rest will only use gear pumps. The oil pump is very important, the price is 3 times different, and the work performance is very different from the durability.




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