Metal column wall frame machine

Metal column wall frame machine

The metal stud wall frame design is mainly used for mass production of C-bolts and U-shaped rails. In modern society, C-channel and U-track are mainly used for ceiling manufacturing and drywall manufacturing. For this type of machine, we have a high speed machine of 50 m/min and a normal speed machine of 25 m/min. At the same time, machines of many types and sizes can be used.

This is the process diagram of our metal column wall frame machine:

The main components of our metal pillar wall frame machine
Uses: Used to support steel coils and unfold in a turntable manner.
Passive unwinding is pulled by the roll system.

2. Coil

This part will be horizontally coiled to make sure it is neatly clean and straight.

3. One of our machines can produce different types of materials, just by adjusting the width of the rolls and changing the special rolls.

4. Punching section
This part will be used with the cut section.

5. Shearing machine
This part will be used with the cut section.

6. Hydraulic station
Components: The system consists of a hydraulic tank, a hydraulic pump and four hydraulic lines. Two solenoid valves: one for punching and one for cutting.

7. Electrical control system
1. Using PLC, sensor, touch
Panels from Taiwan ensure
High speed stability and precision
And a lifetime.
2. Other electrical components are Delta
3. Equipped with a movable switch, air
Rest, radiator, transformer &
leakage protector
Easy to operate and safe.
8. Run out of the table
The product is delivered using welded steel and support rolls.
Last week, we have already ordered with customers from Iran.

Here are some pictures of our products:




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